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Wet room drainage systems

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Do you have a problem with your wet room drains? Are you moving into a new home and you want to make some changes? Do you just want to improve the quality of living? We have the rights solutions for you. Whether we are talking about traditional point drains, about readymade shower floors (with traditional point drains incorporated), or about the modern and stylish linear drains, we have got it all covered.

The traditional point drains are the most common types of drains of our days. They are rather effective when collecting the water, although they are prone to repeated clogging because of their obsolete design. They are more common simply because they are the cheaper alternative when it comes to changing the wet room drainage system.

The same goes for the readymade shower floors – in this latter case, you won’t need the help of a professional plumber in order to install them.

But the top of the line solutions as far as wet room channels drains are concerned are the linear drains, also called channel drains. While the traditional point drains are the most common ones, in the last years they have lost ground against the channel drains. And that is because the latter ones are much more effective and low-maintenance.

While the principals of the collecting and disposal of water are the same, through a series of pipes, the method of collecting the water is different. The main fault of the traditional point drains was that they were collecting the water and the impurities on a small surface – basically, they were tight holes in the ground.

The linear drains are long and narrow profiles, usually installed opposite the shower walls or in the corner. In this way, the water is collected on a larger area, thus enabling them to handle a larger volume of water. Because of the same reason, the impurities are deposited along the profile and not in the drain. Thus, the risk of the drains clogging is greatly diminished.

Speaking about the low-maintenance, because there is no clogging, a simple wipe with a piece of cloth is more than enough. These types of wet room drains are the modern solution that has become preferred among our clients.

There are two more reasons why it has happened so. Just like with the readymade shower floors, the channel drains are also easy to install, just by following the simple instructions. Furthermore, they can be personalized in any way that a client wants.

There are all sorts of materials from which our linear drains are made of, from the traditional stainless steel to the top of the line antimicrobial compounds. The gratings are also made from some other types of materials and they come with special designs, according to a client’s wishes.

Furthermore, although they already improve the aesthetics of the wet room, they can be LED lighted, they can have personalized inscriptions on the grating, and so on. There are so many alternatives that you actually need to give us a call and tell us what you want.

Our team of professionals will always be ready to answer your call and guide you towards a successful purchasing. So do you want to by some new wet room drains? Come to us and we will give you the perfect solutions.